Itself Function Of Religious Court In Divorce Settlement In South Sulawesi

Maruf Hafidz, Syamsuddun Pasamai, Arifin Hamid, Gafrawi .


:  This study is a normative study, intended to contribute thoughts to the researchers matters of marriage law, especially regarding the issue of divorce. Practically this research is intended to make it easier for law enforcers to find a solution if there is a problem in a household. So that the sustainability of the household can be maintained in such a way and can prevent early divorce, especially in South Sulawesi. The results showed that the nature of the Religious Courts is the institution responsible for the enforcement of Islamic law. All orders of implementation of Islamic Shari'ah must be executed by the Religious Court by first conducting an investigation. From the results of the study it is recommended that the socialization of marriage laws, especially on the younger generation, be enhanced in the community especially South Sulawesi, so they understand about the meaning and essence of marriage;

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