A Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Self Instructional Module Regarding Prevention Of Urinary Tract Infection Among Adolescent Girls In Selected Colleges At Nellore.

S. Arundathi, M. Radhika, K. Padma


Background:. Adolescents are a large and growing segment of the population. The world health organization has defined adolescents as the age group of 13-18 years, there are an estimated 1.2 billion young people aged 13-18 years in the world, the largest generation of adolescents in history. More importantly, adolescence is a transition period and crucial stages in their life. Objective:  To assess the level of knowledge regarding urinary tract infections  among adolescent girls in selected colleges at Nellore. To develop and administer self instructional module on knowledge regarding prevention of urinary tract infection among adolescent girls.To evaluate the effectiveness of self instructional module on prevention of urinary tract infection among adolescent girls. To associate the level of knowledge with selected demographic variables among adolescent girls.  Materials and Methods: pre experimental -one group pre-test – post-test design and convenient sampling technique was followed which included 30 samples were used. Data was collected using structured questionnaire. Data analysis was done with SPSS. Results: pre- test shows that with regard to prevention of urinary tract infections  among 30 adolescents girls  26 (86.6%) had inadequate knowledge 4(13.4%) had moderately adequate knowledge and post- test 6(20%) had inadequate knowledge 22(73.3%) had moderately adequate knowledge and 2(6.7%) had  adequate knowledge. Conclusions: The study concluded that self instructional module is effective in enhancing the knowledge among adolescent girls. 

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