Parental Involvement as Predictor of Student Academic Performance

Jonny S. Viray


Parental involvement is known to be important in the learning and schooling of students. The study aimed to examine parental involvement as predictor of students academic performance. The researcher used the tool of Epstein in Parental Involvement. There are 332 students in Masantol High School who were chosen as respondents using random sampling technique. Frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and multiple regression were used to interpret the collected data. Findings reveal that parental involvement has significant relationship with students academic performance in terms of Parenting, Communicating, Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision Making, and Collaborating with the Community. The researcher suggested that schools should conduct activities that will involve the parents on the implementation of the said activities including family day. Furthermore, researcher also suggested that the school should establish a strong relationship with parents in the community.

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