Cloud Computing based E-Vending Machine for Rural Areas

Mrs. K. S. Sujatha, Varshini Bhaskaran, Subbiah. S, S. Shruthi


:   The Indian government is trying to deal with the problem of underdeveloped Rural Hospitals, as these places are in drastic need of health care, doctors and medicines. Often there is no quick access to medication. The concept of an “E-vending machine” has been proposed to solve this ever evolving issue. This machine stores essential and frequently used drugs. It is also connected online to a doctor, on call, who consults and prescribes the medicines, which is dropped to user, like money is dropped from an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). The machine stores medical reports and transactions related to every registered user based upon the parameters obtained by using sensors such as temperature, respiration and heartbeat interfaced with a microcontroller. Thus by avoiding the expenditure spent on physical components to store the data. Instead they are stored on multiple virtual servers


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