Eco-Friendly High Strength Concrete By Using Foundry Sand And Pond Ash

Venktesh Mane, Om Magatrao, Ganesh Mane, Akshay Ohol, Amol Hire, Amol Padwal


To produce Eco-Friendly High Strength Concrete at low cost by partial replacement of waste materials from Thermal Power Plant{TPS} and Foundry Metal industries like pond ash and foundry sand. The quantity of ash generated depends on type of coal used. Due to increase in power demand more coal based thermal power plant. Because of which more amount of power is generated. The waste generated (foundry material) from industries cause environmental & health problems. Hence, the reuse of these waste materials (foundry sand & pond ash) can be emphasized. To solve such major problems, different ways have been developed. This report contained the main topic that give brief information regarding the generation, deposition & utilization of ash & foundry sand. This experimental study is to investigate, the possibility of using pond ash with partial percentage for cement replacement in concrete & foundry sand for fine aggregate partial replacement in concrete. The test specimens were prepared as & when required. This study includes checking various materials properties used in concrete, the properties of concrete in fresh & hardened state & comparing with regular concrete.

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