Structural Audit and Redevelopment of Shivaji bridge

Pinkesh Machhi, Rishikesh Nandavadekar, Indrajeet Shah, Abdul Moin Siddiqui


India is a highly populated country and ranks 2nd in the whole world increasing with a 1.2% yearly. Hence safe transportation is a challenge for the government. Migration is also one of the important aspect of many problems, thereafter the facilities should also be enhanced.

Shivaji bridge is one of historical monuments for the mighty Pune city, but thing in this world has a end and so is with Shivaji bridge. Construction work for Shivaji Bridge has completed in 1921 with a life span expected to be 100years, which means a very less life is remaining for the bridge. Precaution is better then cures.

This paper contains a structural audit done based on simple observation on site with the consideration of different conditions. Remedial measures have been suggested to increase the life for the bridge. As Shivaji Bridge is one of the main attraction of tourism, hence two different bridge with great aesthetics have been suggested in place of the existing bridge and among them one is recommended. 

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