Securing Files of Computer & Mobile Phone using Symmetric Key Algorithm & Bluetooth Enabled Phone

Dwiti Pandya, Khushboo ., Sneha Thakkar, Tanvi Madhekar, B. S. Thakare


Since the advent of windows files and folders, the privacy and authenticity for them has been a problem. To secure these files password systems were used but they were vulnerable and left us with many disadvantages. In this paper, we have introduced a system with three factor authentication. The first factor is Bluetooth where we use its unique MAC address as a way to authenticate a user. The second factor is every user specific password and the third factor is the AES algorithm. AES algorithm is one of the most effective encryption algorithm and also difficult to crack.  It uses a minimum of 10 rounds with variable key sizes. The combination of these three factors creates a user friendly system to secure your files.

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