Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring by ANSYS

Rohan R. Patel, Daxesh J. Parmar, Jay M. Patel, Safwan Y . Patel, Nitin S. Jain


Reducing weight while increasing or maintaining strength of products is getting to be highly important research issue in this modern world. The Automobile Industry has great interest for replacement of steel leaf spring with that of composite leaf spring, since the composite materials has high strength to weight ratio, good corrosion resistance. The design constraint is stiffness. The material selected was glass fiber reinforced polymer (E-glass/epoxy), carbon epoxy and graphite epoxy is used against conventional steel. The design parameter were selected and analyzed with the objective of minimizing weight of the composite leaf spring as compared to the steel leaf spring. The leaf spring will be modeled in SOLIDWORKS and analyzed using ANSYS software.

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