Mobile Profile Changer and Monitoring System

Kiran Khandve, Sagar Avhad, Vishnu Bhat, Prof. Bajirao S. Shirole


: The main goal of this Profile Changer through SMS Android Application is to help finding a missed mobile through a single SMS.A profile changer is an android application which is of use for security function not including any user interface. This application is used when you don’t find your mobile i.e. when it is kept in a silent profile mode, it can be without human intervention activated to the general mode through a message. This is a project primarily responsible for changing the profile such as silent, vibrate, flight, meeting into general mode through an SMS. Using this project any people who have missed or not capable to find their mobile can easily access their mobile phone by sending an SMS from any other mobile. When an SMS is sent to the missed mobile the profile which is in silent mode without human intervention gets activated into general mode. This can be done when the application is installed in the mobile phone. This type of application is very much of use as protection intention.

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