Secure Online Bank Authentication Using Geolocation Based System

Swati Gorde, Rajashree Gorde, Ashvini Dhaytonde, Pradip Waghmare


Authentication, authorization and auditing are the most important issues os security on data, communication. In particular, authentication is the life of every individual essential closest friend. The user authentication security is depend on the strength of the security provided by the system. Today’s network environment is full of dangerous attacker, hackers, crackers, and spammers. Authentication authorization and auditing are the most important issues of security on data communication. In this system we proposed a new Geo-location based authentication system to solve this problem of security violation. We are providing the authentication according to the location of the client. Using GPS we are going to find out location of the user and according to location of user they will be allow to login into the system. Then also provide security from the textual password attack we are using the sharing algorithm to create share and use it in next step of the authentication during transaction. Our authentication server only needs to store user information and share instead of large password database.


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