Antimicrobial Resistance: A Global Threat

Dr. Rishi Rath, Dr. Ritu Gupta, Ms. Anukriti Rath


Easy availability of the antimicrobial drugs leading to their misuse by all, poses the major problem of amr in last two decades all over the world –becoming a critical health issue today. In recent years the emergence of resistance to reserve drugs was particularly come into notice. Cross resistance to various drugs is another major threat. To combat with this problem efforts to be put through all including government, health policy makers, doctors, health care workers. Who is managing amr by guiding through: policy guidance, support for surveillance, knowledge generation and partnerships, including through disease prevention and control programs; essential medicine quality; infection prevention and control; patient safety; and laboratory quality assurance. Cooperation between the medical personal, regulating agencies and pharmaceutical industry will be needed to define policies checking the sale of antimicrobial drugs, public education program regarding the hazards of inappropriate antibiotic use.

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