A Concise Review on God’s Fruit “Bilva” (Aegel Marmelos)

Amit Vaibhav


: Aegle marmelos (Bael or Bel) considered as most sacrad tree in Hindu cultule commonly known as God’s fruit or Shri Phala belongs to the family rutaceae. In Ayurveda it is used solely or in different medicinal preparations as an igredient, proven its immense medicinal potential. All the major ayurvedic texts including Nighantus (Ancient ayurvedic herbal pharmacopoeia) mentioned medicinal value of this plant. Now scientists try to re establish all the qualities of Aegle marmelos on modern parameters as said by ayurveda. This results extraction of several chemical constituents from this plant and various therapeutic effects of A. marmelos also have been reported by researchers. Common medicinal properties of Aegle marmelos are anti-diabetic, antiulcer, anti-oxidant, anti-malarial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, radioprotective, anti-hyperlipidaemic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral activities. In this presented review summarizes the medicinal property described by Ayurveda and its relevent modern co-relation based on different scientific works

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