Addition of Crusher Dust for Stabilization of Expansive Soil

Prof. S. G. Narayana Reddy, Prof. C. N. V Satyanarayana Reddy


Flexible pavements are the most commonly used form of pavement and have four component layers namely Sub-grade, Sub-base and base and surface courses which are made up of materials like natural soils, sand, morrum etc., are proved to be costly in terms of construction as well as maintenance. Performance of Flexible Pavement depends on the functions of the component layers especially Sub-grade. Sub-grade is compacted layer of soil, provides the lateral support to the pavement. Construction over soft Sub-grade affects the performance of pavement and results in shorter life of pavement. The typical approach of stabilization of soft Sub-grade is to remove the soft soil, and replace it with soil of high strength. The high cost of replacement of poor soil has caused highway agencies to assess alternative methods to construct the highway over soft Sub-grade. One approach is to improve the properties of soil by 

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