In Vitro Selection and Plant Regeneration of Cacl2 & Mn-Tolerant Plants from Leaf Callus of Nicotiana Tabacum L.

Sangita Dixit, Shamsher Alam, Souvagyalaxmi Sahoo


: The Nicotiana tabacum L. belongs to Solanaceae or night shade family is one of the most important economic crops, which has been considerate to fruit fly of plant kingdom because it becomes to a classical mode plant that could be cultured in vitro and gain regenerated transformation plant easily. In this experiment best swelling of explants and shoot bud obtain at the media concentration 1 mg/l NAA and 1 mg/l BAP with different combination of Mn & CaCl2. and 0.5 mg/l IAA & 0.5mg/l BAP. The formation of callus induction was recorded (40%-100%) at higher concentration of 2, 4- D (2.0 mg/l) with different concentration of CaCl2 and Mn. The average shoot length was maximum in the 1.0 mg/l BAP, 0.25 mg/l IAA, 0.5 mg/l GA3 and least in the CaCl2: 2H2O; 2mM + MnS04:H2O; 2mM. The regenerated tolerant shoots rapidly multiplied on similar medium. Regenerated shoots (both tolerant and non tolerant) were cultured to half strength MS basal medium supplemented with 0.1 mg/l IAA and different combination of CaCl2 & Mn for induction of rooting. After one week, about 92% of tolerant shoots were rooted with good root system. Well rooted explants transfer into the green house for the adaptation of environment.

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