A Survey of Old Technique of Single Underwater Image Enhancement

Jasneet Kaur Babool, Satbir Singh


Visibility renovation refers to different methods that aim to reduce or remove the deprivation that have occurred while the digital image was being obtained. A major barrier to processing images of the sea floor comes from the combination and dispersion effects of the light in the sea location the poverty may be due to various factors like relative object-camera motion, blur due to camera misfocus, relative full of atmosphere confusion and others. In this we will be discussing about the degradations due to bad weather such as underwater, underwater small fish, gold fish and underwater apple in an image. The image quality of outdoor screen in the underwater and underwater fish weather condition is usually degraded by the scattering of a light before reaching the camera due to these large quantities of overhanging particles (e.g. underwater, underwater fish, gold fish, apple underwater impurities) in the at the bottom of the sea. This occurrence affects the normal work of regular monitoring system, outdoor admission system and intelligent transportation system. The algorithm not Only compensates for the lack of dark channel prior algorithm, but also expands the application of dark channel prior algorithm and shortens the running time of the image algorithm.

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