Utilization of Sewage Sludge in Construction Material

M.S. Joshi, G.A. Borse, S.A. Bagaw, A.B. Dhakne, O.S. Shinde


This paper evaluates the use of dry sludge as an additive in construction material like concrete and cement brick. For which it must be guaranteed that the resulting concrete and mortar has the appropriate compressive strength.

In earlier work in the subject it was shown that the addition of sludge reduces compressive strength of concrete. With the addition of 14% sludge in proportion to the amount of concrete which results in upto 10 % required result is obtained. In which for 6% maximum strength is achieved, making it suitable for light reinforced concrete in small scale.

We subjected the concrete specimens to different additions of sludge in percentage as replacement of natural sand in order to evaluate the compressive strength and compare them with the reference concrete (not containing sludge)

In the review of utilization of that waste, this paper reviews various proportion of sludge usage in bricks. Thus compressive strength of brick is calculated and compared with the standard 1:4 proportion cement brick. This review is an approach on whether bricks made from waste are useful to provide sustainable solution.

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