Survey: Secure data storage in the cloud with Decentralized Access Control

Sohail A. Khan, Dr. Shafi K. Pathan


Cloud computing is a rising computing paradigm in which resources of the computing infrastructure are provided as services through the Internet. Cloud computing is the delivery of multiple computing services through the Internet. Cloud computing provide various services such as software, applications and information over the cloud on demand. Cloud has ability to provide dynamically scalable access for users, and the ability to share resources over the Internet. Cloud checks the authentication of the user without knowing the users identity. The main aim of system is secure data storage on clouds. A basic solution is to encrypt data files, and then upload the encrypted data into the cloud to preserve data privacy. This paper presents a survey of existing techniques with the novelties highlighting the need of intelligent sharing and validating technique for storing files on the cloud. This paper is motivated by arising need to provide high quality of security for the user with validation by using third party authority.  In proposed system we add third party authority with decentralized access management theme to validate integrity of the files stores on cloud.

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