A Novel Approach to Notarize Multiple Datasets for Medical Services

Sapna Arora


Medical Services is of one the fantastic domain to work with as it deals with illness & its treatment. As far as India is concerned, its healthcare system is booming day by day with new researches. . This growth is a result of higher expectations & relates with a fact that increasing an increasing number of people from overseas see India as a potential destination where they can combine high quality affordable healthcare along with the possibility of seeing and experiencing one of the world’s oldest living cultures. Therefore, our approach is towards evaluating the future based technology particularly in specific domain i.e. medical services using web services. The aim of our approach is to work with an intermediate service which will help in notarizing the heterogeneous datasets, which results in a safe and sound result along with avoidance of baffling situations. By now , the main focus was on responding to the queries of datasets. But our plan is to focus on automated system that can work as an intermediator & helps in answering all the requests from different datasets. This approach will help in providing a desired result & better output that are requested by the client.

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