Experimental Analysis of the Cutting Forces in Dry Turning of EN8 Steel

M. Mehta, B.P. Nandwana, M.A. Saloda, M.S. Khidiya, S. Jindal, S. Barvaliya


: The knowledge of cutting force during machining of material can be of vital importance as the magnitude of cutting force generated is directly related to the amount of heat in the cutting zone and thus having a lot of effect on the tool wear, quality of machined surface and accuracy of the woorkpiece. In the present work, an experimental analysis was done from the data obtained from dry turning of EN 8 steel, cutting parameters were spindle speed and feed rate while the depth of cut was kept constant at 1 mm for the measurement of cutting forces. Taguchi method was used for the experiment and analysis of variance has been adopted to find sensitivity of cutting force on different cutting parameters. Results show that the cutting force increases when spindle speed and feed rate are increased, feed rate was found to be more influential factor. The percentage contribution of spindle speed and feed rate was found to be 22.98% and 75.90% respectively.

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