Effectiveness of Training and Development at RJIL.

A. Sahana, Ankita Mallick


: In today’s era of global competition training and development activities in an organization plays an important role in helping in upgrading the competencies of employees in order to enhance their performance. The success or failure of an organization is directly associated to the performance of their employees. Therefore it is necessary for an organization to conduct training programmes to receive an advantage among competitors. Along with conducting training activities, the effectiveness of the programme has to be evaluated in order to get higher ROI since employees are considered as the most important asset of an organization. Under intense competition, training and development function enables human capital to unleash their agility. A profound training program acts as a vehicle to enhance employee skills and enable them to perform better. Hence, the objective of the study is to study the effectiveness of training and development in the organization.  A descriptive research was conducted to collect data from 100 respondents at RJIL, Mumbai on a structured questionnaire. Correlation and regression analysis was used to analyse the data. The results indicate that there is a signification association between training and performance of employees.

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