Secure Intrusion Detection in MANETS

Sharatkumar Patangi, Shashank J A, Vikas Murthy T N, Vishal Anant Joshi


The popularity of wireless networks over wired networks has been increasing for the past few decades. The mobility and quantifiability brought by wireless networks makes it preferable for several applications. Among all the present-day wireless networks, Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is among the foremost types having important and distinctive applications. Contrast to the traditional network design, MANET will not need a hard and fast network infrastructure; each single node works as a transceiver i.e. it can both transmit and receive. Nodes communicate directly with each other if they’re within the correspondence range of each other. Otherwise, they rely on their neighbors to relay messages. The ability of self-configuring of nodes the in MANETs makes it utmost prominent among vital mission applications like military use or even emergency operations like recovery. However, the open channel and wide dissemination of nodes makes MANETs defenseless against malignant attackers. In this paper, we propose another interruption recognition system named Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgment (EAACK) uniquely intended for MANETs.

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