Cost effective AC-DC Buck-Boost Converter for single phase UPF Loads with Optimum Dynamic Performance

Chandana D, Vasantha Kumar S


This paper is an attempt to carry out the in-depth analysis of a single-stage single-phase AC-DC Buck-Boost Converter, and to study the control characteristics (voltage and current) under the steady state operation. The proposed model is aimed for the use, in low voltage applications under unity power factor conditions at all times. This could maintain the constant output voltage and also maintain the unity power factor in the source side.

 The topology makes use of minimum number of passive and active components, while achieving good dynamic performance under buck and boost operation and makes use of PI controller. The topology has the benefit of scalability, by changing few parameters.

The topology has both the current and the voltage control loop, in order to take care of DC link voltage and the power factor. Matlab simulation software has been used for detailed simulation for the closed loop operation. The results are analyzed for a unity power factor case, with the application of regulated input voltage to the DC-DC converter.

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