Analyzing the Pattern of Smoker in Karachi

Mohsin Hassan Alvi, Farah Naz, M. Mubashir Q. Khan, Mohammad Haris Mirza, Midra Ikram, Ameer Bux


: An attempt was made to know the about the smoking tenure, patterns and quantity of smoking consumption. Smoking is a common behavior among youngsters and it has been increasing day by day due to quick availability of the product. In order to assess smoking patterns the data was collected from different areas of Karachi including educational and non-educational with minimum qualification FA and age from 18 to onward. The self made scale was used to achieve the objective of the study. The sample size was 288, male=260 and female=22 were approached randomly by convenient sampling method. Results indicated that there are on smoking tenure the scores were male (x=2.94, sd=.885) and female (x=1.68, sd=.64) and significant difference was found (t(280)= 6.50, p= .123, F=2.39) but there was no significant difference on number of packets consumed (t(280)= 64.47 , p= .801, F=.064). The following results indicate that there is difference in smoking tenures of the sample group but number of packets consumption is much more equal among the identified population.

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