Effects of Use of Titanium Dioxide in Pervious Concrete

Mr. Chetan Zade, Miss. Shubhangi Turukmare, Mr. Karan Sawant, Mr. Mithun. K. Sawant


Pervious concrete is a special type of concrete with high porosity used for concrete flat work applications that allow water from precipitation and other sources to pass directly through, thereby reducing the runoff from a site and allowing ground water recharge. This porosity is attained by a highly interconnected void content. Concrete as a construction material with added self-cleaning characteristics and the ability to remove pollutants is the need of the day. Self-cleaning and air-purifying pervious concrete functionality is a promising technology that can be constructed using naturally air-cleaning agents such as photo catalyst Titanium dioxide. The paper highlights the application of titanium dioxide as partial replacement with cement in pervious concrete so as to achieve eco-friendly pervious concrete.

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