Utility of Yoga in Diabetes Mellitus

Amit Vaibhav, Om Prakash Singh


Diabetes mellitus is a very serious problem for present mankind as it comes under top ten leading cause of death worldwide. Diabetes is also a leading cause for most of the kidney failure, heart failure, blindness, atherosclerosis and amputations. Treatment options are only limited to correction of hyperglycemia and dyslipidimea but the pathology of disease remain continue in the active phage leading to different complications, so it is very difficult task for diabetologist to break the pathology of this disease completely. Drug cost, drug resistance and side effect of hypoglycemic drugs are also a big challenge, with these problems now scientist and researchers are working for the safe, effective, low cost and natural theraputic measures. “Yoga” which is ancient health and spiritual science of indian subcontinent could be a better alternative to modern therapeutic measures.  Yoga offers a balanced approach to treating diabetes it affects both body and mind . Yoga is a rich heritage of our culture. Several our ancient sculpture make a mention of the usefulness of yoga in the treatment of Diabetes mellitus and preservation of health in normal individuals. Yoga has not only positive and long-term effect on diabetes but also it delays and prevent the complication of disease; however, this effects of yoga therapy on diabetes management remain unclear and a matter of debate and research. This paper offers a review related to role of Yoga in diabetes prevention and cure.

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