Construction for Sustainable Development – A Research and Educational Agenda

Batan Sharma, Prof. Vaishant Gupta


Construction has to support a world of continuing population growth and economic development. At the same time, construction must pay heed to the widespread social interest in environmental preservation. It cannot further increase its environmental impact because it is not socially and environmentally acceptable. Yet the construction industry has not done enough to reduce its environmental footprint. Concerted national and international research and educational efforts are needed to change this situation. Construction engineering and management research should benefit from a systems perspective, and from application of standard methods and tools developed for environmentally-conscious design, construction and management by other industries such as the electronics, electromechanical products, and the automobile sectors. Traditional construction engineering and management education needs to incorporate the latest methods and tools for environmentally-conscious design, engineering and management, and discuss relevant case studies. Educational objectives could be achieved by including environmental modules in existing courses, developing new courses that focus on environmentally-conscious construction, and encouraging and advising undergraduate and graduate research projects. This paper outlines an agenda for action in research and education.

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