Privacy Preservation Simulation and 3D Space Location Monitoring System Objects for Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. Sudhir Dawra, Rohit Kumar


.Monitoring private locations with a potentially insecure server poses security threats to the monitored individuals. To this end, we propose a privacy-preserving location monitoring system for wireless sensor networks in 3D Space. In our system, we are using two in- network location anonymization algorithms, namely, resource and quality-aware algorithms, which aim to enable the system to provide high-quality and secure location monitoring services for users, while preserving privacy. Algorithms rely on the well established k-anonymity privacy concept, that is, a person is indistinguishable among k persons, to enable trusted sensor nodes to provide the aggregate location information of monitored persons for our system. Each aggregate location is in a form of a monitored area A along with the number of monitored persons residing in A, where A contains at least k persons. We will evaluate our system through simulated experiments. 

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