Gender Inclusivity at Workplace: Impact on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Information Technology Industry

Manu Melwin Joy


The growth of Information Technology sector has created a potential platform for employment for women in this industry constructively suiting their work environments. In the past decade, there has been a gradual shift in discourse from diversity to inclusion. While there is rich body of literature related to diversity, inclusion has emerged as a recent area of investigation. Major players in IT industry are taking innovative steps in creating a climate of inclusivity for employees, especially women, to ensure organizational effectiveness. Even amidst these conscious efforts, ground reality is that a satisfactory level of gender inclusivity is still to be accomplished. This study investigated whether gender has any influence on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors exhibited by employees. A sample of 312 employees was selected from six large IT firms and responses were collected using questionnaires. One way ANOVA test was employed with the help of SPSS software for data analysis hnology is necessary. Research in this area has been focused on tasks such as genre classification, artist identification, music mood estimation, cover song identification, music annotation, melody extraction, etc. which facilitate efficient music search and recommendation services, intelligent play-list generation and other attractive applications.


In this paper, we built two systems, one for music genre classification and another for music emotion recognition using both SVM and GP models, and finally compared their performances on two databases of similar size. 

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