A review paper on Assessment of Seasonal Variation in Quality of Water Bodies

Sneha S. Phadatare, Prof. Sagar M. Gawande


Water is very essential natural resource for sustaining life and environment that we have already available as a free gift of nature[1-4]. Although it is available in abundance quality and quantity measures are also important. Quantity and quality of both surface and subsurface water bodies are changes from place to place. It is depends on the different natural aspects e.g.  Climatic conditions, geology of area, hydrology, consumption of fresh water in aspect of different manmade activities etc. In this paper we analyses the factors that affects on drinking water quality. We all know water is not just H2O. Different minerals are present in the water although they are essential as their role is important in concern of health of humans and also natural point of view. The different concentration of ions, minerals, other substances present in water that changes its physical, chemical and biological properties. In this paper taking review of research paper which were include the assessment parameters which are responsible for change in water quality i.e. quality parameters. 

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