Assessment and Development of Water Quality Index in southeastern region of Satara

Sneha S. Phadatare, Prof. Sagar M. Gawande


In fresh water resources Ground water as well as river water is the important resources of our nation. The quality of water depends on many factors like physical, chemical, biological and hydrological. Contamination of groundwater is due to many land use activities that leads to potential treats to ground water quality. Manmade activities are categorized as residential, industrial or commercial and agricultural activities. The South-east area of Satara is under residential and agricultural activities. Residential activities include un sewer sanitation, land and stream discharge of sewage, sewer leakage, solid waste disposal etc. and in agricultural activities cultivation with agrochemicals, irrigation with wastewater. To understand more about quality of water used in study region Water Quality Index (WQI) is developed. Water Quality Index is the single scoring number which gives us idea about overall quality of water. Parameters selected for calculation of WQI are pH, Nitrates (NO3), Chlorides, Total Hardness, Alkalinity, Turbidity, TDS, and Fluoride. These are the physical & chemical parameters and help to find present scenario of study area. Total 10 station points are taken for analysis purpose. 

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