A Modular Charging Unit for Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Using Photovoltaic System

Nivedita Dutta


The power transfers from the source to different loads in industrial and commercial systems have become a hectic design for power system Designer. Different methods have been proposed to reduce the losses in power transfer in various systems. We are using a modular charging unit for HEV using PV. Wireless power transfer technology has taken a new trend towards power transfer. In this paper a Wireless power transfer technology is proposed for hybrid electric vehicle charging unit. The wireless charging is adopted with the technology of replacing the loosely coupled coils with a transformer. The WPT is initiated with input source of energy from Photovoltaic system and its controller is governed by soft computing techniques to get optimized output for optimal charging. Thus determining how much charge is required to charge a electric vehicle according to the load demand. The proposed WPT is monitored for various robust conditions simulating industrial and commercial standard scenarios and the proposed algorithms is checked for optimal values and then initialed to get a better stability and dynamic analysis of the WPT. By seeing the availability of the conventional resources and demand we are using photovoltaic (PV) as the alternative resources. The P&O algorithm is used with the PV.

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