Real-Time Fire Detection, Alerting and Suppression System using Live Video Surveillance

S. Jayashree, D. A. Janeera


Real-time fire detection, alerting and suppression system detects the presence of fire in indoor scenarios by recording the video inside the room via surveillance camera installed. This system introduces an image processing technique through video surveillance to detect the fire using different experts by combining three classifiers based on color, shape and motion of the fire. This detection system follows an alerting and suppression system. The alerting system uses GPS/GSM technologies to share the location information, where the fire occurs to alert the nearest fire station. The automatic fire suppression system activates the fire sprinkler exactly where the fire occurs instead of activating all. To find the sprinkler nearest to the fire QR code has to be with each sprinkler. The QR code has been encoded with latitude and longitude place of the sprinkler. The microcontroller is planned to activate that particular sprinkler, only where the fire occurs. It will protect the properties which are away from the fire and helps early detection and suppression of fire

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