Implementation of Free Governing Mode at 315MW Sabarigiri Power Station, Kerala State Electricity Board

Amit Kumar Lamba, Md. Umar, Kapil Mangla


The most important practice while generation and distribution of power is that the supply should be almost equal to the demand defaulting it results to loss of resources. For maintaining this requirement and supply of power, the operators have to keep an eye over various parameters like frequency, voltage power factor etc. In India the grid is designed for 50 Hz. But during peak hours dipping in frequency is frequently observed and during daytime, when the demand of supply is less, the frequency overshooting may be observed. This fluctuation can also be responsible for entire grid collapse. So, to avoid this situation a very important proven technique was introduced which is named as Free Governing Mode of Operation. Commissioning of Free governing mode of operation in Kerala state electricity board’s Sabarigiri Hydroelectric project will demonstrate the entire philosophy of the system.

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