Operational Procedures of the Safety Committee of the University of Cordilleras

Janice Paras Milo


The Operational Procedures of the Security Division of University of Cordilleras was assessed through descriptive normative survey method. Utilizing a self-constructed questionnaire, examination of documents, and interviews, the level of attainment of the goals and objectives of the Safety Committee of the University of Cordilleras was determined to be very much attained, the extent of implementation of the Operational Procedures was found out to be much implemented, and the degree of serious of the problems encountered in the implementation of the operational procedures was found to be moderately serious. Nevertheless, the Officers should still strengthen their performance especially during night shift. The method of patrol should be improved and emergency and evacuation drills should be regularly conducted. Staffing of trained marshals and officers with good managerial skills and coordination should not be neglected as these are important parts of security management and operations. Arranging a security education program with school administration will boost awareness and cooperation of the occupants on school security operations.

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