Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Power Consumption during Drilling Operation on Lathe Machine

Yogendar Singh Chouhan, M. A. Saloda, S. Jindal


Drilling is one of the major operations to be carried out in almost every manufacturing industry. During this operation drilling tool drills the metal continuously which increases thrust force. Due to this force, power also consumed during drilling operation. So in this research work an attempt have been made to experimentally investigate the effect of different drill parameter like feed and spindle speed on the power consumption during drilling operation. The main purpose of this work is to save energy and useful production time during drilling operation on mild steel work piece. Research work basically involved the use of drilling operation on conventional lathe as it is most widely adopted method for machining and also plays a crucial role in affecting power consumption and overall cost of the production. In this research work, experimental investigation of power consumption by the change in the feed and spindle speed of multi point cutting tool for a drilling operation in the oblique cutting to be carried out with the set of machineries. Power consumption has been measured with the help of a pair of wattmeter in 3 phase motor of lathe machine and then by this power and time during drilling, energy consumption can be found. Once the experimental work had been performed, Taguchi’s method used to evaluate the best possible combination of input parameters for minimizing power consumption.

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