Smart City - City Management and Rating Government Services Based On Crowd Sourced Data

Hrishikesh Ghodke, Akshay Bhole, Ashish Bonde, Prof. G. T. Chavan


The use of mobile devices, such as smart phones and cellular phones, in field data collection is increasing today because of the emergence of embedded Global Position Systems (GPS) and Wi-Fi Internet access. People encounter many hazardous objects in daily life but because of lack of any central platform they are not able to report it to concerned authority.

We are developing a central platform where common man can report their issues to respective authorities. The user need to capture real time images , videos or audios of hazardous objects , select the concerned authorities and risk level and sync it to the server with their GPS location .The data captured from android phone will be shown on Google Maps. This data will be available to corresponding departments of government.

Government officers can do survey of area based on different criterias for example area where many cases are reported but not solved etc. So this will be one central platform where all hazardous issues will be reported with their location to respective departments and government will understand exact problem and their location. Apart from that the crowd  source data can be analysed and result of such data can be used to rate the department wise Authority, which can be further used for election purpose.

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