A Comparative Study On Continentality And Paddy Yield Among Dindigul, Madurai, Sivagangai, Pudukkottai And Trichy Districts Of Tamilnadu

Biju. K, Yuvaraj. R. M


Continentality is plays the key role in the climate of the region. Surface of the land is heat up quickly than the water bodies because land will not allow penetrating the heat into the deep so the temperature of the land is raised quickly. An effect of Continentality is reduced by the onshore winds of ocean, sea or river. In this study we tried to calculate the continentality by using Conrad’s Coefficient of Continentality index for the period 1901 to 2000 and the attempted to compare the continentality with crop yield in the five districts of central Tamil Nadu region of Dindigul, Madurai, Sivagangai, Pudukkottai and Trichy districts. This study will concludes that there is negative correlation between the continentality and paddy yield. The analysis of the data during the period 1901-2000 indicated that low coefficient of continentality in the decade 1951-1960 and high coefficient of continentality in the decade 1981-1990.

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