Application of Dedicated Short-Range Communication within M-Commerce and Intelligent Transportation Services, and its global adaptation using RFID technology

M. T. Anowar, M. N. H. Khan, M. A. Kabir, M. D. Hossen, M. M. Alam, M. R. Sunny, M. M. Hasan


: Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) are a set of protocols originally designed for intravehicular communications in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). It has since been developed further to have extended into a wide range of applications. Transportation systems are facing newer challenges; there is an unceasing demand for maximum vehicle safety, decreasing the environmental impact. Newer services like the vehicle to vehicle communication and real time data processing have been introduced into ITS, thereby alleviating the aforementioned challenges. As a fundamental premise, a sufficient communication infrastructure has to meet all demand criteria along with typical conditions and aspects of the transportation System. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has fabulous drive in wireless technology. With promising evaluation of wireless technology as on well as mobile technology, the mobile commerce has been emerged greatly. transportation system. We also present system architecture of mobile commerce based on RFID. In mobile commerce the product ordering product transportation management and products receiving are of great challenge. Our paper will demonstrate how efficiently the product ordering handled by using RFID technology in order to enhance consumer’s satisfaction. This article would introduce the Dedicated Short-Range communication (DSRC) as a suitable communication technology for this purpose and also how RFID technology is being utilized in M-commerce scenarios. 

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