Performance of Marble Waste as Partially Replacement of Sand and Aggregate in Concrete

Damor Jigar R, Jadav Jaymin D, Patel Neel M, Solanki Vikas B, Prof .Dipesh Vaidya


Concrete is a versatile engineering composite material made with cement, sand, aggregates and admixtures in some cases. Due to the day by day innovations and developments in construction field, the global consumption of natural aggregates is very high and at the same time production of solid wastes from the demolitions and manufacturing units are also very high. Extensive use of concrete leads to the scarcity of natural aggregates. Because of this reasons the reuse of demolished construction wastes and solid waste from manufacturing came into the picture to reduce the solid wastes from demolition and manufacturing units and as well as to decrease the scarcity of natural basic aggregate.

Our aim to study the suitability of waste crushed marbleĀ  in the concrete mix .In this project, different mixes are casted, waste crushed marbles are used to partially replace the coarse aggregate and marble powder is used to partially replace the fine aggregate.

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