Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS) following accidental exposure to Dimethyl Sulphate ( DMS)–first case reported in Sri Lanka

P. A. J. N. Wickramaratne, Anula Wijesundara, A. M. A. L. R. Alagiyawanna


DMS exposure by inhalation damages pharynx, larynx and lower airways. We report a case   related  to DMS exposure leading to RADS. A 37 year old man admitted to Emergency Department with dry cough, severe burning sensation of throat, mild dyspnoea, photophobia and hoarseness following accidental exposure to DMS vapor. His temperature was 38.10C and had pharyngeal redness, B/L conjunctivitis, excessive cholinergic activity. Fluid therapy and Oxygen were  initiated. he became progressively drowsy and  respiratory signs & symptoms got exacerbated. Basal haziness of right lung and vascular prominence of lung hilum was evident on chest x-ray (CXR). Patient clinically improved over next two weeks. But his respiratory symptoms persisted for further 6 months. Owing to above criteria this was interpreted as RADS following exposure to DMS vapor.

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