Wheel Chair Movement Control Using Eye Blink Sensors and Smart Phone

Gautham G, Kiran Kumar C, Manjunath S D, Mohammed Moin Pasha Khaleel


: Wheelchairs are used by the people who cannot walk due to physical illness, injury or other disability. Nowadays development promises a wide scope in developing smart wheelchair. This paper is to describe an intelligent wheelchair using eye blink sensor control and an extra option to control wheelchair using smart phone app and based on the user convenience he can chose anyone of them. With the help of the wheel chair physically disabled person would able to move himself to the desired location with the help of smartphone app or even through eye blinks which controls the movement of the wheelchair. This project aims to provide a feasible solution to those handicapped people who do not have the ability to maneuver the wheelchair by themselves. These include people with serious paralytic condition. Wheelchair automated control systems proved to be versatile tools for many problems in human-computer interface systems

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