Rural responses to private educational institution in Punjab – A case study of Chaheru Village of Kapurthala District

Dr. S. Kannan


Establishment of educational institutions in rural areas might have significant influence on its economic and occupational structure. Occupational structure in a rural areas are mainly depends on agricultural activity and other natural resources. However, the rural population finds it non-profitable and unstable income makes their life in pathetic condition. Under this circumstance many new development activities like establishment of Industry, government projects, educational institutions were emerged in the rural settings. But how far these rural areas are benefited/improved their economic and occupational is unknown. Against this background, present study focussed on the benefits gained by rural areas by the establishment of private educational institutions in Punjab. For this micro-level empirical analysis, one village was selected on the basis of establishment of private educational institutions within the one kilometre of radius. The study comprises participant observation and interviews conducted among the native village residents and sarpanch of Chaheru village, which is situated in Phagwara Teshil of Kapurthala district in Punjab. And also provides a series of interesting case studies. The result shows that how the villagers responded to the various alternatives that were open to them as they sought to increase their material well-being by the establishment of the educational institution. .

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We have proposed a cloud analog data buffering in robotics. As the cloud computing is very common now a days and almost every person is aware with this technology. This technology is becoming essential not only for humans but also for robotics or autonomous machines. Especially this means that if the power behind the cloud could be harnessed, it would be possible to build smaller, more battery effective robots because there would be no need to have a powerful computer on board, but the brain of the robot can be in the cloud. This paper is describing the survey of different research in field of robotics which previously used cloud computing services.

1. Introduction

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