Automation of Rest API using Cloud for Analysis of Medical History

Akash Bangad, Akshay Pagar, Angad Bashani, Prajakta Deshpande


: Accident is a pre-eminent issue in this world. According to NDTV survey of India 2013, over 1 lac people died due to accident in a year. This signifies that 377 deaths per day due to accidents. In accidents, immediate medical information of the patient is the key to forestall the ill-effects of accident. This project delivers the product which can be used to provide medical information of the patient in real-time.


This project hinges on REST API. REST API are the most preferred way of many leading companies to expose their internal data publically or for private use. This project engaged on Automation of REST API, Here automation refers to creating a platform to convert any database instance into a user-friendly REST API over the HTTP protocol. By adopting above technology we are creating medical mobile application which provides patients medical history after scanning a QR code encrypted on physical body. This QR code will be unique for every patient and will be provided after registering for the service.

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