A Review Report On Tilting Wheel Mechanism

Pratik Karkare, Prof. Kamlesh Gangrade, Prof. Suman Sharma


As we know that safety of the vehicle is the first and the fore most thing to be considered in 2-wheelers the safety of the vehicle from accident was understated on two major factors: Directional stability and the Aerodynamic force both are correlated to each other. The former is stability of a moving body or vehicle about an axis which is perpendicular to its direction of motion. Stability of a vehicle concerns itself with the tendency of a vehicle to return to its original direction in relation to the oncoming medium (water, air, road surface, etc.). The latter is the force exerted on a body by the air (or some other gas) in which the body is immersed, and is due to the relative motion between the body and the gas. Aerodynamic force arises from two causes: the normal force due to the pressure on the surface of the body and the shear force due to the viscosity of the gas, also known as skin friction. To be protected to the risk of injury the best solution is to fabricate the personal mobility which leads to the proper vehicle stability with its tilting wheel and cabinet cover body and also requires less traffic space as compared to the 4-wheelers with less fuel consumption.

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