Design of Sine and Cosine Waveforms Using Direct Digital Synthesizer

Mr. Pranjal A. Charde, Prof. P.R. Lakhe, Mr. Akshay P. Nanote


Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) is important role in modern digital communication. DDS is new frequency synthesis technique which starts from the concept of phase and directly synthesis waveform required. It has beneficial for fast frequency switching, fine frequency resolution, large bandwidth, and good spectral purity. DDS consists of a phase accumulator, a phase to sine amplitude converter, digital to analog converter. The DDS consisting of two major parts are sine/cosine generator and phase to sine amplitude converter. DDS producing sine and cosine output simultaneously by using only one lookup table. It has able to work in high speed frequencies and it is a method for digitally creating arbitrary waveforms from a single, fixed frequency reference clock. It also consumes very less power than the conventional signal generator. DDS circuit occupies less area and power dissipation. It is to generate multifunctional waveforms at any desired frequency.   

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