Variance of Time to Recruitment for a Two Grade Manpower System with Two Types of Decisions When the Wastages Form an Order Statistics

K. Parameswari


In this paper a two graded organization is considered in which depletion of manpower occurs due to its policy decisions. Assuming that the wastages (loss in man-hours) form an order statistics and the policy decisions are classified into two types interms of their intensity of attrition, three mathematical models are constructed according to different forms of the mandatory threshold for wastages in the organization. Explicit analytical expression for the system characteristics namely mean and variance of time to recruitment are obtained for all the models using an univariate CUM policy of recruitment based on shock model approach, when the inter-policy decision times form (i) a geometric process and (ii) an order statistics. The influence of the nodal parameters on these system characteristics are studied and relevant conclusions are presented.

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