Redundancy Management of Multipath Routing for Intrusion Tolerance in Heterogeneous Data Center Network

R. Yogeswaran, E. Vanitha


Redundancy Management is a technique in which a user would issue a query and expect a response to be returned within the deadline. While the use of fault tolerance mechanisms through redundancy improves query reliability. It can develop a mathematical model for the lifetime of the sensor system as a function of system parameters including the “source” and “path” redundancy levels utilized. Data sensing and retrieval in wireless sensor systems have a widespread application in areas such as security and surveillance monitoring. Redundancy management of clustered heterogeneous wireless sensor networks utilizing multipath routing to answer user queries. Which the lifetime of a heterogeneous wireless sensor network is maximized while satisfying the reliability. It applied related analysis results to the design of a dynamic redundancy management. The best design parameter settings at runtime in response to environment changes to prolong the system lifetime.

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