Finite Element Analysis of Two Wheeler Disc Brake Rotor

Vijay Kumar B P, Pavan Kumar B K, Manjunatha E, Mayur D Pawar, Shivaramakrishna A


This present paper is concerned with design of components using numerical tools (Finite Element methods) like Catia for modeling, Hyper mesh for meshing and Ansys for analysis of various parameters like stress analysis, strain analysis, thermal analysis, vibration analysis, structural analysis etc. This process is shown by taking disc brake rotor of the motorbike as the component. The rotor of disc brake plays a very important part in braking action. A friction material rubs against the rotor which develops frictional force that brings the vehicle to rest. This happens with the absorption of kinetic energy of the bike which gets dissipated as heat. Hence component of various bikes of different brands is taken and analyzed and compared using FEM software.

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