Simplex Lattice Mixture Design Approach for the Production of L-Glutaminase Using Oil Cake Mixtures

V. Sameera, K. Jaya Raju


L-glutaminase production from mixed substrate using Aspergillus wentii MTCC 1901 under solid state fermentation was reported. Two potential substrates, coconut oil cake and sesame oil cake were screened and mixed in different compositions according to simplex lattice mixture design using Design expert v. This study revealed the significance of mixed substrate compared to individual substrate in the production of L-glutaminase. Multiple linear regression analysis indicated that cubic model (low p value-0.0001, high F value- 3165.46 and R2-0.9999) was more significant compared to other models. Maximum of 123U/gds of L-glutaminase yield was obtained using Coconut oil cake and Sesame oil cake when mixed in the ratio of 1.25:3.75.

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