Rethinking Of Education Quality in Secondary Schools in Chipinge District, Zimbabwe

Chikwature, W, Oyedele, V


The use of quality assurance processes in implementing the curriculum in secondary schools is very crucial owing that this educational level is the foundation of further level of education (tertiary). Teachers’ professional practices have to be given precedents and priority concern for quality assurance through quality assurance processes. It is therefore paramount to effectively utilise those quality assurance processes that will support teachers’ competences and develop their potentials for quality service delivery in secondary education. The study has therefore examined effectiveness of quality assurance processes used in secondary schools in Chipinge District to enhance quality education. The study employed a descriptive survey design. Information was sought from all school heads, deputy heads, senior teachers and the teachers from three secondary schools in Chipinge District. Purposive sampling was used to select the respondents. The study sample comprised three school heads, three deputy school heads, three senior teachers and twenty seven teachers from three secondary schools. The study employed two main types of instruments for data collection: interview schedules and questionnaires. Questionnaires gathered data from teachers while interview schedules guided interviews held with the administration officers of the three schools. The results of data analysis were presented and analysed qualitatively. The study established that most teachers of secondary schools in Chipinge District have positive attitudes towards the use of quality assurance processes. They also indicated that they have benefitted a lot from quality assurance processes in areas such as development of work plans, preparation of lesson plans, records of work, maintaining quality instruction, improving actual classroom instruction and developing instructional materials.   However, some teachers had negative attitudes; as a result they failed to implement recommendations made by their supervisors after supervision. The study recommends that, School heads should create a friendly environment between teachers and administration officers so that they will be able to instill passion in teachers to continue doing the work effectively hence desired results will be produced. Government should also provide in-service courses for the other members of the school administration so that they will carry out quality assurance processes effectively. There is also a need for sensitisation of community members for increased participation in matters affecting curriculum implementation through organised workshops. 

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